Aaron Black Funeral Directors in Edmonton held an open day on 22nd June in support of local charity The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre.

Kevin Avery, Khadijah Miller and Mel Constantinou & Jay Searle  (L-R) manned a stall outside their branch with vouchers and information on the charity.

Choice is pledging to donate £100 to The Nightingale Support Centre for every plan sold until 31st July 2018.

The team also bought nibbles and offered them to the local shop workers and tradesmen in exchange for a donation in their tin.

Why not pop in and visit them?

Who are Nightingale Cancer Support Centre?

The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre was launched in 2002 to help residents in the borough of Enfield whose lives have been touched by cancer and who were somehow slipping through the established care system.

A research project was undertaken to identify services that were obviously needed and those that were already being provided.

A steering group of health experts, social care workers and legal and business professionals came together with the aim of forming a new charity that would specifically meet the needs of Enfield borough residents.

The Nightingale serves patients, relatives, carers, friends and those who are concerned about cancer care. We hope to be able to provide help and information to those who need it along their journey.

For more information, you can visit their website at http://nightingalesupport.org.uk

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