Protect your family from rising costs

Funeral costs may have been rising, but a Choice funeral plan will cover the cost of all your Funeral Director’s services, no matter when they are needed. 

So you can rest assured that no matter what happens to Funeral Directors’ fees in the coming years, your arrangements will still be met.

All funerals have some related costs for services provided by others, such as doctors, the crematorium or the person conducting the ceremony.  Whilst these ‘third party’ costs cannot be fixed in advance, we can advise the likely level, so that you can include a contribution towards these costs if you wish.

Choose Choice

Arranging a plan is quick and easy – and now is the ideal time to get your affairs in order. Click to apply now

A plan to suit you

Because we are all different, Choice makes it easy to include details that suit you,
allowing you to make changes or add new ideas in the future.

Choice Essentials

The fixed cost of the essential services carried out by the Funeral Director.

Choice Plus

Selecting Choice Plus, secures additional professional services at a special rate.

My Choice

The freedom to create a truly bespoke funeral, to suit your wishes and budget.

  • £2000


  • £4000


  • £8000


Rising Funeral Costs

Why a Choice funeral plan is a wise investment

In the last ten years, the average UK funeral cost has doubled from £2,000 to around £4,000 – and in the last year alone, funeral costs have risen at 10 times the rate of inflation (SunLife Cost of Dying report 2016).

At this rate, the next ten years would see a rise to £8,000.

The good news is that you can freeze funeral directors’ costs at today’s prices with a Choice funeral plan. It’s very quick and easy to set up.  You don’t have to decide everything now – you can add details in the future. And if you move home, your plan moves with you.

Compare our Plans

Choice plans start with the essentials that everybody needs, to which you can add options,
or special touches that make a truly unique occasion.

Why Choice

A Choice plan is easy to arrange and you can add options that suit you, whenever you wish.

Our plan fixes Funeral Directors’ costs at today’s prices, reducing future stress for your family.

Your money is held securely until needed and it’s a fitting way to express your own wishes.

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