What are the options for later life planning?

There are various ways to make financial provision for your funeral and these choices come with different features and benefits. We suggest that you explore all the options available in order to determine what is best for you and your family.

We think it’s helpful to consider some of the alternative ways used to provide for a funeral to see which is best for you. Currently, Choice only offer funeral plans and not over 50s plans, wills or savings products.

Over 50s Plan

An Over 50s Plan is an option you may consider. Typically, these require monthly payments to be made in order to provide a cash sum upon death. The amount provided may not cover the whole cost of a funeral when needed. Each provider has their own plan specifications, so you would need to check their terms and conditions.

Savings and Wills

You could leave savings and specify provision in your will. This may require family to pay for the funeral themselves and then wait to be reimbursed, which may be after probate and the sale of assets.

Funeral Plans

A funeral plan enables you to prepay for certain elements of your funeral in advance. Typically, funeral plans allow you to record personal wishes and could help your family make decisions about the funeral when the time comes.

All funeral plans’ inclusions and exclusions differ and you should familiarise yourself with these before purchasing.

We offer three types of Choice Funeral Plans, each created to meet different individual circumstances and requirements, Unattended Cremation Plan, Choice Essentials Plan, and Choice Plus Plan.