A funeral plan to suit you

Our prepaid funeral plans allow you to make arrangements for your funeral, which may protect your loved ones from uncertainty about your final wishes and risks of rising costs of Funeral Directors services.

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We offer three types of Choice Funeral Plans, each created to meet different individual circumstances and requirements.

Our prepaid funeral plans

Unattended Cremation

Equivalent price if this funeral product was purchased today: £1,785 excl. doctors fees*

Suitable for those looking for a simple, dignified and low-cost cremation without the formalities of a funeral service and no family or friends present. It covers the essential elements for a cremation to take place including our professional unattended Funeral Director Services, cremation fees and doctor’s fees (if required).

What's included and not included?


Equivalent price if this funeral product was purchased today: £3,225*

Tailored for those who would prefer a more traditional funeral service where family and friends can attend. It includes our professional attended Funeral Director Services as standard and the flexibility to personalise and upgrade elements of the funeral.

What's included and not included?


Equivalent price if this funeral product was purchased today, including lowest priced coffin: £3,546*

This plan includes all the features of the Choice Essentials Plan plus an upgraded coffin, professional embalming (a specialised treatment for the Covered Individual) and a chauffeur driven limousine for up to six passengers.

What's included and not included?

Benefits of choosing a Choice Plan

Record your wishes

With our prepaid funeral plans you can have the freedom to record your personal wishes, your way.

Peace of mind

When you purchase a funeral plan you are avoiding the risk of potential price changes to Funeral Directors Services.

Choose a funeral home

Choice Funeral Plans are delivered by our experienced local Funeral Directors, with over 240 branches nationwide.

Request a Choice Funeral Plan brochure

You can request our brochure which includes details of our funeral plans and pricing. You can choose a downloadable PDF or to have it delivered by post. Our Choice Funeral Plan brochure is also available for delivery in large print and braille.

Request a brochure

We’ve called our plan Choice, because we can give you flexible options

We have three different funeral plans to give you the choice in what is suitable for your requirements.

They all provide you with the flexibility to add your unique personal wishes. Plus, you don’t have to decide everything now, you will be able to update your plan later. If you move home, your plan moves with you.

Our prepaid funeral plans will fix the cost of our professional Funeral Director Services which may reduce the financial burden on your family. You also have the choice to set up the plan for yourself, your partner, or for someone else.

For an instant quote, call Choice on 01803 298 243, or contact your local funeral home.

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Flexible payment options

You can pay for the funeral plan in full by credit or debit card, bank transfer or cheque, or by monthly instalments over one to ten years. The cost of paying for the funeral plan over a 12 month term costs the same as it would paying in full. If paying over 12 months up to the maximum of 120 months, prices vary by age of the Covered Individual and there is an additional charge, which means you pay more than if you pay in full upfront. See our illustration of a monthly instalment plan.

Please note:

  • Full payment for the funeral plan must be made before the Covered Individual reaches the age of 85
  • If the Covered Individual passes away within 12 months from the date of Activation, the funeral plan cannot be Redeemed unless the outstanding payments are made. If the Covered Individual passes away after 12 months, then no further payments will be required for the Funeral Director Services, and depending upon the amount of Voluntary Contributions made for Choice Essentials and Choice Plus Plans, additional payments may be needed for Third Party Fees and Additional Products & Services.
  • For Choice Essential and Choice Plus Plans, when you pay by instalments, you cannot make any financial amendments until the plan is fully paid. If paying by instalment, switching is only possible once the plan is fully paid. If you want to switch before your plan is fully paid, a cancellation fee may apply.
  • For joint plans, instalments must be paid within 12 months.

Payment plan example for a Choice Essentials Plan

Choice Essentials (Excluding Voluntary Contributions). Below example is for illustrative purposes only.

Payment term Total Cost Monthly Instalment
Pay Upfront £2,650 N/A
1 Year £2,650 £221
2 Years £2,804 £117
3 Years £2,913 £81
4 Years £3,045 £70
5 Years £3,141 £52
10 Years £3,965 £33

Representative example: In relation to the costs for paying by instalments, the above table is for illustrative purposes and assumes the Covered Individual is 73 years old at the point of purchase and no Voluntary Contributions have been made towards the plan. When paying by instalments, prices will vary based on the length of payment term and age of the Covered Individual. Please speak to us for a tailored quote.

Our funeral homes

We offer our prepaid plans through the Funeral Partners network of Funeral Directors, which includes more than 240 local funeral homes. All our funeral homes work to a high standard of service and are committed to providing compassionate care to every family.

Funeral Partners homes provide comprehensive funeral planning services, and will assist at every stage of the funeral planning process. Your Funeral Director will be by your family’s side from their first contact, guiding and supporting them. Your family will also have access to bereavement support.

Your friends and family may choose to add services not included in your plan, such as memorial masonry, a tributes page, or keepsakes. Any of our Funeral Directors would be happy to support with these requests.

The right time

According to the SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2024, the total average cost of a basic funeral, professional fees and send off in 2023 was £9,658, 5% more than 2022. This total is the highest figure ever. Increases in both the send-off and professional fees mean we’re now paying an average of £458 more than we were in the previous year.

The good news is that the cost of our Funeral Director Services in all of our funeral plans are fixed at today’s prices, so you can rest assured these services have been taken care of.

*Equivalent price shown is a national average, based on 277 branches within the Funeral Partners Network (correct as of July 19th 2024)